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about me (written in high school)

I love learning and trying to wrap my head around challenging problems. Whether it's is chemistry or calculus, literary criticism or 20th century American history, there is nothing better than realizing that something I am working on isn't as straightforward as it appears. That's the most important thing about me. To contact me, you can follow the preceding link.

I also have extensive experience with web technologies including XHTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, JSF, Facelets, Spring, and Hibernate, as well as more conventional technologies like JAVA, Photoshop, NetBeans, and Visual Basic, gained from experimenting on my own since the age of six, as well as from working at SAS Institute Inc. Some technologies I have moderate experience with include JScript/JavaScript/ECMAScript, Flash, Ant, Apache, ASP, and Lightwave. I have a little bit of experience with SAS9, JMP, the GIMP, and GNU MathProg.

about this website

This is the only web presence I have. In other words, if you find another site or blog or whatever from a John Peebles, it is not mine. The rest of this page is for those more technically inclined. This website uses a custom–designed (by me) PHP content management system, although it doesn't appear this way from most examinations of the site because I strip the PHP headers using mod_headers to save bandwidth and I use the mod_rewrite Apache extension to redirect the html pages to the PHP CMS URL. I'm also using an MySQL-based website statistics system I developed, as well as a MySQL-based photo gallery system I developed on the photography portfolio page. The page is XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.1 compliant, though the W3C Validator will not validate the page, as it does not support XHTML Schema-based validation, even though using Schemas is an official W3C recommendation, but without the xsi:schemaLocation attribute, it validates completely. The site is fully accessible in screen readers for the blind, even if the user decides to ignore web standards and use the screen stylesheet. It has been fully tested with and displays everything fine in IE6.1 SP1+, Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, Safari 3.1.2+, and Opera 9.5.2+. No other versions or browsers have been tested.